D). Multi Purpose Community Center

D). Multi Purpose Community Center

Yesterday, the mayor of Aguada, Hon. Manuel “Gabina” Santiago, was in conversation with the entity “Stronger Than María” to make way for the Multi Purpose Community Center (MPCC) to be developed at the Manuel Morales School in the Cerro Gordo neighborhood in aguada, Puerto Rico. The proposal directed by the Office of Federal Programs will benefit the entire community with many large projects that will provide necessary resources to improve our quality of life.

The MPCC will establish several Centers for different services that include:

1. The Center for storage and distribution of building materials for disaster survivors.

2. Temporary Shelter Center for volunteers working in the reconstruction process and survivals waiting for their homes to be built.

3. Community Health Center and Prevention Services to provide free services during the disaster and also to train physicians in physical and psychological trauma during a disaster. In partnership with Dr. Anitza González and the coordinated services by the World Renew Disaster Relief Organization.

4. Community Food and Community Dining Center where training and/or workshops on food preservation, supply management and safety offered before, during and after an emergency.

5. Training Center for Emergency Management along with a Disaster Relief Site established by the international organization World Renew. This center aims to offer at least once a month the CERT workshop for all interested people of Aguada and surrounding towns.
The MPCC will have the integration of several workshops for community training and other non-profit organizations.